5 Natural ways to remove skin tags

Skin tags are those pesky, fleshy little growths or lesions that are more visible as you age. I certainly have discovered at least 5 more than I had a year ago. Not only is it a dreaded sign of aging but is also more prominent in persons who are overweight and those with diabetes. If you are tired of pulling at it all day then read further to find natural ways you can remove them by yourself without using a pair of scissors!

What are skin tags

Skin tags are nothing more than soft tissue growths that can be found on the folded areas of the skin. These growths are loose collagen fibers that become lodged inside thicker areas of the skin. You may have noticed them mainly in your neck, under arms, breasts, eyelids and groin areas. They can be light or dark and actually quite harmless. Besides the aging factor and diabetes, hormonal fluctuations also are a cause for these beauties! It’s more an annoyance than anything but please don’t attempt to cut them off with any sharp objects. Instead, let’s turn to nature to solve our skin tag woes and remove them gently and safely.

5 Home remedies that really work


Apple Cider Vinegar

When you use this remedy you will notice results in two weeks but must try to do this twice a day.

Soak a cotton ball in the vinegar and then wipe all over where you find skin tags. You can then cover that section with a clean cloth or bandage for 30 min. Then wash it off with warm water. Over time the acid is the key agitator that breaks down the tissue. It won’t happen overnight but it will eventually be removed with continuous application and patience.

Tea Tree Oil

This powerful essential oil fights bacteria and works well when mixed with a carrier oil like castor oil or coconut oil.

Take a cotton bud tip and apply the oil on the tags. Then cover with a bandage or cloth and leave on overnight. Do this for a full week, nightly and the tag will eventually dry out and fall off.

Banana Peel

Yep, you read right use pieces of a banana peel.

Next time you want to throw it in the bin don’t and save it for your skin tag removal DIY. Banana peels are loaded with anti oxidants ( the stuff that fights aging). So cover the tag with some of the peel and then cover the peel with bandage. Leave it on overnight and you will see over a week or two it will dry up and fall away.

Vitamin E Oil

This is truly a staple for skin care as it helps address so many problems.

The main quality we love about vitamin E is its ability to heal and keep skin soft and wrinkle free. So then it should be a perfect ingredient for our skin tag removal toolkit. Massage your affected areas regularly and by that I mean twice a day and the tags will start to shrink gradually. Think of this as your long term approach for your skin tag removal and also at the same time you are nourishing and protecting your skin.

Garlic paste

OK, I hear the protests rolling in on this but let’s try to bear the stink in order to shrink 🙂

So I love cooking with garlic and just for that reason the next time I make a paste I will save some for my tags. Crush a garlic clove and blend it with some vitamin E oil or for extra super hero power. But on its own its also good. Cover your tags overnight by applying a generous layer and then bandage up. If you not brave enough to call it a night with your paste then keep this remedy for a day off spent at home. Just a heads up to you Dracula!

What else can you do?

If you have tried all 5 natural ways to remove skin tags and you not the most patient of people then go see a doctor. The doctor will advise on medical methods to remove. Also if you are seriously worried about these tags and it starts to grow or become painful then it will need to be tested to rule out any cancerous tumors. Further to this, if the tag is on a sensitive area like your eyelid or groin then bandaging up with the remedies may be a challenge. I recall my mom having hers frozen off with liquid nitrogen at the doctor’s office. Today she is stunned that I know how to do this at home with natural ingredients from my own kitchen 🙂

Some final tags

Skin tags are normally harmless, so don’t rush off to treat it unless they cause irritation. But of you don’t like the look of it and want to smooth out your skin there are natural ways to remove them. The 5 home remedies mentioned in here are effective over time if used regularly and require patience and commitment.

Although home remedies and OTC products can be effective, inexpensive solutions, see your doctor if a skin tag doesn’t respond to home treatment, bleeds, or continues to grow. Always remember that after removing you may need to treat the area with an anti bacterial to prevent infection. I find that tea tree oil is perfect for this and always blend with another oil like coconut / castor or olive oil.


I hope these remedies will be of benefit to you. Leave me a message if you need to comment or ask a question. Which one of the 5 natural ways to remove skin tags will you start with?


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6 replies on “5 Natural ways to remove skin tags”

Wow, I’m so impressed with the new articles you’ve let me read. Skin tags . I thought you was talking about my body I’ve noticed several new ones hitching a ride that were not there a couple of yrs ago.
I’ll keep you posted on what happends to these as time goes on. To see if they re appear or vanish with out a trace to where the origamally hung out. I love your site I can’t stop reading on how to take care of my skin. Someday my skin will look as radiant as yours. Dennis.

Hi Dennis
You are so kind and funny lol:)
Thank you for finding that my articles are handy & useful!
Love your skin naturally!

Skin Tags- Well. I learnt something new today. However, the cures you suggest are great. I have actually tried banana peels on skin lesions and it works fine. Though, I need to do lot of convincing to preserve the peels!

And, guesses it right- My favorite kitchen remedy from itchy skin to lesions is Garlic. It works wonders and I sometimes uses it more than a Nebasulf Powder as it is all natural.

Thanks for sharing this article. These are pointers to even to natural skin care too.



Hi Rohit

Thank you for the great feedback, so happy you will try my natural remedies. You can always clingwrap your banana skins or ziplock them and store in the freezer 🙂

I’m a big fan of homemade remedies for skin problems because they’re entirely natural. I knew about the apple cider vinegar remedy because my mother recommended it to a friend of hers. And it worked! But she had to wait for some days. However, the result was awesome like she never had skin tags before! I also knew about tea tree oil, but garlic is just weird it must stink!

Yes the garlic will give off an odour but its not that bad. Natural remedies turnaround time is always different for everyone because it would depend on your unique skin needs. But when the changes start to happen no matter how long they take it will be worth it 🙂

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