7 Ways to keep skin healthy in a face mask

By now we are all familiar with face masks and it has become a part of our daily attire. For some of us our dress code actually revolves around our face mask palette and vice versa. We have somehow learned how to cope with these nuisances on our faces.

Common side effect on your skin

Face masks are here to stay and are a very necessary nuisance in preventing any transmittable diseases. With that being said I’m certain most people have been experiencing more breakouts than usual.

Let’s unpack these nasty side effects of wearing face masks.

Blocked Pores

I live in a warm climate and for me the biggest negative reaction is what the excessive sweating does to my pores. Your pores become trapped with dirt and sweat and oil and this is just a recipe for more skin issues.


Specifically acne breakouts because your skin doesn’t get the chance to lap up the surrounding oxygen. Instead, it’s lapping up loads of dirt and sweat so this is bound to happen.

Dry skin issues

The most extreme dry skin issues like eczema and psoriasis can flare up here because of the mask irritating the skin constantly. There is no chance the condition can improve because you are always covered up.

Chaffing, sores and rashes

This depends on what material it’s made of and the fit of the mask. The tighter the more strain on your skin and damage it can cause. You could even be allergic to certain material and not realize.

So it’s clear to see that a lot of these issues can be resolved just by looking at the side effects more closely to pinpoint what’s happening to you.

It will then be easy to apply these 7 tips to keep skin healthy while wearing a face mask.

7 Tips to combat face mask blues

Cleanse and then cleanse again

If you were a bit lazy to cleanse pre face mask era then you are  in trouble. Now more than ever you need to keep your skin super clean! Your face mask is harboring all sorts of germs and regular cleansing will keep the skin barrier healthy and strong. Make sure you use a gentle cleanser and the skin is dried properly before putting on the mask.

A great way to pre cleanse is to use micellar water or the wipes. This will prepare the skin cells by removing the surface dirt and then the wash will be the second act. You can keep the wipes in your bag if you feel unbearably sweaty during the day but maybe do this on your breaks to give it time to air dry:)

Wash your cloth mask regularly

It goes without saying that this face covering needs to be treated like a piece of under garment. Regular soaking in disinfectant and then washing will ensure whatever oils or skin residue you have left behind is removed. This will prevent acne breakouts and give your pores a fair chance at breathing. 🙂

What I like to do is soak my mask in hot water and a few drops of tea tree or eucalyptus essential oil and then wash it by hand with my face wash. Essential oils are superstars at fighting bacteria and is a natural alternative to a chemical disinfectant. You will not only have a clean mask but it will be refreshingly fragranced too!

Less make up

I was pleasantly surprised at how I saved on make up during this pandemic and it still continues into the future. Since this mask I don’t wear make up at all now only a very thin layer if it’s a special occasion. 🙂 The focus has been a lot on the eyes and the fine lines that are starting to form. So I ditched the foundation for natural anti aging serums like HA to combat this and still not breaking the budget!

Sometimes it takes a world crisis to discover what really matters and make up is not on the priority list.

Keep hydrated

Yes I know it’s hard to sip on that bottle of water lately but you must do it. This is the only way you going to hydrate properly and while you at it apply moisture to your skin too. The base line skin care steps always apply no matter what the crisis.

Your regular cleanse, tone and MOISTURIZE routine is vital as you want to avoid dry damaged skin issues like eczema! Don’t forget about your lips it really needs extra attention while wearing the face mask. Keep it hydrated by applying Vaseline or lip balm before you mask up and during the day!

I have some herbal healers that come to my rescue to keep me hydrated, read further below in the DIY lab which ones will best suit you.

Avoid harsh exfoliation

Removing dead skin cells is something we need to often do but if it leads to irritation then rather put it on the back burner. Try and exfoliate two to three times a month and use gentle products that are not too abrasive. Because your mask will constantly be in contact with that newly scrubbed skin there is bound to be discomfort. There are ways to keep skin cells fresh without the tearing the skin barrier.

And don’t forget about your lips again, you may find it dry and peeling. So that means the dead cells must be removed here too.  A delicious way to do so is to gently rub some honey and sugar on it and rinse off with warm water. No need for lipstick as you will have juicy pink lips as a result!

Read more here on what you can do when it comes to exfoliation.

Wear the right mask

If you wear a cloth mask make sure it has at least two layers and is fitting your face comfortably. It shouldn’t be too tight that it starts irritating the skin or too big that you keep adjusting and spreading germs to other parts of your face. You want a snug fit across your nose, on the sides, and under your chin.

The feel should be soft on your face and not any harsh synthetic materials. Your best bet is cotton, however I know some may be allergic so try and find another natural fabric that will be more breathable.

Choose cloth over single use mask as it will have a better impact on our planet.

Take short breaks during the day

If you work in an environment where you have to wear the mask for more than 4 hours on end make sure you take at least two breaks during the day when you can relieve your skin and just soak up the sun and fresh air. These little breaks make all the difference to your skin and to your overall state of well-being. Set reminders on your phone for mask breaks if you must but make time to mask off and just breathe. Choose areas that are safe to do so like outdoors at good distance from others or in your car or at home.

Getting in touch with nature during stressful times can make the world of difference and turning to herbal healers can be so therapeutic. Read further on how to whip up your own healthy skin recipes to save your skin from the mask side effects.


The Lab

While scientists came up with a vaccine for this dreadful virus we at home can create our own defense for our skin. Working with botanicals is so relaxing and healing, especially when the therapy behind essential oils is blended into your skin care routine.

Here are a few winners to keep your skin healthy in that face mask and it’s all courtesy of nature 🙂

The key take away here is that you use natural ingredients that are :

  • clean
  • gentle
  • hydrating

It was hard to pick out my favorites because I have too many but I’ve narrowed it down to the best ways to keep skin in the best state as mentioned above and so I absolutely recommend these staples. Click on the ingredients below to see more about these botanical boosters for you skin!

Let’s see which combinations work together for good 🙂

So clean and simple

And now you don’t need to stress about that mask face blues any longer. With nature in your corner and some good old common sense you are on your way to healthier, glowing skin!

You can also check out these amazing organic skin products from the comfort of your home by hopping on-line.

Did you find any useful tips here and if so let me know or add your own tips below in the comments.

How do you keep your skin healthy in a face mask?

Love your skin naturally!

Real Skin Angel

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I have very sensitive skin and before my wife introduced me to mint, shaving used to be a nightmare. I use fresh mint leaves steeped in green tea to rinse after shaving. 

Kept in the fridge, it’s an awesome drink that will assist in detoxing and keeping you hydrated at the same time. 

Hi Johan

Thank you for this minty tip;)

Yes I agree mint is a wonderful natural alternative to use for many skin conditions. It will help also to keep skin healthy in a face mask. You can also read more here on what I wrote about mint

Thanks for stopping by 

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