Common skin care mistakes to avoid

Just with one click of a button  we have access to  gazillions of data on how to solve our skin woes. But when we sift through all these helpful tips we start to see contradictions and misleading information. All of which can actually keep us in a state of bad skin for eternity!

The common skin care mistakes to avoid is going to shock you because  you probably doing it right this minute. Without any further delay lets reveal these blunders to avoid any further damage.

Going to bed at night without cleansing your face

Yes we are all guilty of this one.  Somehow believing that all that nasty dirt evaporates into thin air while we sleep. Oh no people, it’s there and it’s like a magnet attracting more impurities clogging up our poor pores till they can’t breathe. The only relief is to produce a lovely big pimple right on the forehead!

Do yourselves a favor and wash your face with a chemical free face wash and not a face wipe before bed. Do the 3 step i.e. cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day to vanquish blemishes and bacteria. The main culprit is face wipes and sometimes even micellar water & wipes.

These products create a false sense of security that you have cleansed but that is actually a pre-cleanse and you must follow through with a wash.

Exfoliating too much

You fall on either side of this spectrum when it comes to exfoliating and never in the middle. People don’t do it at all and then there are those that just overdo it. They also use the incorrect scrubs for their skin types and this causes so much harm you end up worse than before. The general rule here is to use chemical exfoliators once a day and yes I said chemical. This is actually a liquid exfoliant that will remove dead cells and restore pH balance. These contain natural acids such as salicylic acid and no other harmful substances. These you can also leave on and not rinse off so it’s more convenient. When you make your own scrubs or use more organic materials then you need to use it less and don’t rub so vigorously.

You must be gentle on your skin treat it like fine porcelain not like an old pot or pan and you will see glowing results.

Natural exfoliators are good to use twice a week and there are ingredients like oats and fine sugar that are less abrasive on your skin. The point here is that you don’t want to cause micro tears on the skin. This will create opportunity for infections and other skin issues!

Incorrect Toner use

Apparently when it comes to toners we have three types of offenders. People who use it once in a blue moon and those who don’t use it at all and then those who are obsessed with it but not using it correctly. So I used to fall in the latter category until I discovered a handy spray bottle.

I used to go through bags of cotton rounds year in and out only to discover all my toner would be wasted on that pad and very little reaches my face. The best way to make sure your toner is soaked up on your skin is to spritz in on. Such a refreshing feeling and your pores will instantly react to the astringent properties.

If you don’t have a spray bottle just try splashing on with palms of your hands and press into skin gently. The trick here is to let it dry naturally so if you splashed too much don’t worry it will settle where needed.

Before you get rid of your cotton rounds think about your skin care routine. Toners can also replace exfoliators so if you fall into the lazy exfoliator zone then keep your cotton to apply the toner but don’t wipe or rub juts dab on gently. This will also remove dead skin cells where necessary.

Not using hyaluronic acid correctly

Oh my, this is such important newsflash for all so don’t go away and read on!

The golden rule is to use HA after toning and before moisturizing. You must gently press it onto your skin with your palms and not try massaging in with tips. I repeat do not rub in and press or pat on gently especially if you have any fine lines or wrinkles concentrate on those areas. Your daily moisturizer must be applied always or a night cream. This is vital to make sure the hydration is locked in tightly.

The other mistake we make with this hydrating hero is that we think we only need it as we get older. No , start using it as young adults and you will see less aging symptoms later on in life. You never too young to start the fight against aging and keeping your skin as hydrated as possible.

Which brings me to the last mistake we make.

Not wearing sunscreen

This should have been point number one but I placed it last so that it will resonate with you longer after reading.

Have you ever thought about the lasting effects of sun damage ? Besides the redness, pain, blisters and in more serious cases nausea and dizziness, this radiation can also cause damage to your DNA. If you don’t protect your skin on a regular basis it can lead to skin cancer. Overexposure can lead to premature aging as the harmful rays destroys the collagen needed to keep skin firm and supple.

If you spend too much time in the sun you will see pigmentation marks and notice brown spots forming more frequently.

Did you know that 80% of skin aging is related to UV radiation & sun damage?

Having a golden brown tan does not necessarily mean you are in good health. If you are tempted to bask in the sun be sensible and wear the right SPF for your skin tone.

You should wear sunscreen every single day, even in the shade people!

The next time you apply your moisturizer , especially in the mornings please check the SPF factor and if it has enough coverage against UV rays that will strike your skin during the day!

I hope this has highlighted some of the top  common skin care mistakes you can now avoid. Get back on track with a more clean, simple and sustainable way of loving your skin naturally!

Why not look at eco friendly tools and accesories to use on your skin. From reusable cotton pads to biodegradable body swabs. Shop here to find more natural solutions for your skin!

Let me hear your thoughts by commenting below. Maybe you would love to share other common skin care mistakes worth discussing.


4 replies on “Common skin care mistakes to avoid”

I think every woman after her thirties should pay more attention to her skin. Nurturing it in time and in the right way will slow down the aging process. I like too much make – up, but that’s why I like a good moisturizer or face scrub. I love natural things.

Hi Bojana

Thanks for stopping by , nothing wrong with make up as long as its chemical free I suppose and that you clean it all off properly before bed time. Natural is always best.

Great article! My wife has me on a regiment of using witch hazel after I shower and before I moisturize. As an older white guy, I must say it helps. I didn’t think about the spritzing though, will definitely give that a try. Good sunscreen is so expensive, but the heavy mineral ones work so well.

Hi Wayne

Im so happy you enjoyed this article. Yes the sunscreen is getting more costly year by year and I am actually researching chemical free products to use so if interested stop by again weekly on my site to see more 🙂

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