The best hydrosols to use on your skin

One of the key ingredients to a healthy, glowing skin is drinking copious amounts of purified water. But did you also know about a natural water you can splash on your face that will deliver that glowing result?

On the quest to save the planet and my skin I have discovered this aromatic water known as hydrosol and want to spread the good news to help rescue your skin too.

What are hydrosols?

During the creation of essential oils the leftover water that is collected after the oil separates is called the hydrolat. This floral water is not as potent as the oil but it does contain enough therapeutic properties to use in skin care.

Look at botanicals and all its matter such as the stems/leaves/flowers and some cases bark & root. That plant’s goodness is captured through steam or water distillation & the two end products are the essential oil and the hydrolat or aromatic water.

Hydrosols are more gentle than the oils and so it becomes easier to use as the water content dilutes the oils potency with no need to break it down further. The most popular way its used is in beauty industry, skin care and aromatherapy. For skin care it is fast becoming a chemical free alternative to commercial toners.

Lets look at a starter kit to get you going with and you will be well on your way to hydrolat heaven!

Hydrosols to get you started

Your must have starter kit should contain these superb botanicals:

  • Lavender : When you need to calm and de-stress your skin and just need to brighten up.
  • Chamomile : An excellent way to cleanse and tone very sensitive skin.
  • Neroli : When you need some extra defense against free radicals and all the other bacteria the world throws at you.
  • Rose : Swap your regular toner with this beauty and your pores will thank you. You will enjoy its hydration and pH balancing skills.
  • Witch hazel: Another clever botanical that can cleanse and calm your skin keeping irritation at bay and removing unwanted oil.

These are the best hydrosols to use on your skin depending on your needs.

Inspect the label

It becomes confusing when navigating the natural skin care retail world and you see words like organic, pure, sulfate free, paraben free and non GMO! But all you really need to look out for on labels are the following:

Make your own

Time to hit the lab and get cooking your own custom-made hydrosols. All it takes is a few pots/ pans/ water/ heat and plants and you on your way:-)

You need:

  • Large clean pot with lid
  • 1 Large clean heat-safe bowl
  • 1 Smaller clean heat-safe bowl
  • Ice
  • Water
  • 5 cups of fresh or dried plant material (lavender/ neroli/ rose/rosemary/basil/chamomile etc…)


  • Step 1 – Place your large heat-safe bowl in the center of the large pot, upside-down. Place the second, smaller bowl on top of the larger bowl. The smaller bowl should be right side-up, on top of the larger bowl. The small bowl will be what collects the hydrosol water.
  • Step 2 – Arrange the plant material around the sides of the larger bowl (not in the bowl). Cover plant material with water. Water should remain below the top of the larger bowl.
  • Step 3 – Place the large pot lid upside down to cover the large pot. Fill a large freezer bag with ice, seal and place on top of the lid of the pot.
  • Step 4 – Boil the water, then gently simmer for 30 minutes. Replace the bag of ice, if it melts.
  • Step 5 – Remove the pot from the heat, then remove the lid. Carefully lift the smaller bowl out, which now contains your hydrosol. Pour the collected water glass bottles and store e in the fridge for the longest shelf life, or a cool, dark and dry area.

The above recipe I got courtesy from Eden’s Garden and it was so easy to make my own lavender hydrosol I was impressed!

You can play around with various combinations to suit your fancy and remember these hydrosols are so multi functional I use them as insect repellent / room and linen freshener and also on wounds and bites.

Final drops

Ive had so much fun getting to know more about these natural waters and how I can use it daily. The benefits of using hydrosols on your skin far outweigh the reasons not to use. Its non-toxic and evenly safe for babies to bathe in. Whether you need to free your skin from excess oil or just need to sooth irritation, the best hydrosols are so multi functional it will deliver what your skin needs and then some. The more organic the better as you are guaranteed of natural healing. If you feel like being creative making your own is so easy and your skin & the planet will be happier for it:-)

Which hydrosol would you like to give a try and why?

Love Your Skin Naturally!

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I agree that skin health is a reflection of your inner health and wellbeing. I value looking after my skin and I practice a daily skincare routine of twice-daily cleansing toning and moisturising. 

I use skincare products that have natural active organic ingredients, for example, I use a  creamy coconut cleanser formula for normal-dry, mature and sensitive skin (this is pretty much an accurate description of my skin). 

I also use a calming rose super toner (made with essential rose otto oil) this has a calming and soothing effect on sensitive skin and is enriched with antioxidants. For a moisturiser, again I use a rosehip extract, jojoba, and coconut oil formula which also contains sea buckthorn and omega 7 fatty acids. I find this works well as both a day and night-time moisturiser.

Best wishes with your online venture in skincare.

Hi Janine,

This is all new to me. I only use regular tap water to clean my face and PONDS or facial wash.

The home made hydrosol takes some time to make, but would be cost effective and clean because you make it yourself.

I would love the  hydrosol with lavender – my all time favorite scent.

Thanks for this great post, very informative and practical.


Hi Marita

If you passionate about looking after your skin then time to make hydrosols should not be a hassle and actually very enjoyable:)

Thanks for stopping by

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