7 Reasons to use Aloe Vera

The first thing that springs to mind is the soothing sensation this has on my sunburn. But this is not the only reason why aloe is an amazing compliment for your natural skin care kit.

Let’s take a closer look at this healing plant and all it can do for your skin.

The succulent

Aloe Vera is family to over 500 species of this succulent variety and it’s roots are located in a peninsula known as Arabian peninsula situated in Western Asia and North East of Africa. With over 100 active compound in it’s leaves, this plant houses all the vitamins, minerals, sugars, enzymes and acids your skin and overall health will benefit from.

Aloe Vera skin benefits

The healing juice of the aloe plant can treat a wide array of skin woes. The potency of the leaf’s compounds and it’s versatility has led to aloe being a key ingredient in products for skin needing some extra care and attention. These days it’s becoming a staple in the health and beauty industry. You can find it in your facial tissues to your shaving cream and also in dog shampoos due to it’s moisturizing effects.

Here are the 7 reasons to use Aloe Vera:
# 1. Super Sooths

So this is the first healing benefit that is widely known and it truly does sooth you from nasties such as sunburn, first or second degree burns, razor burns and other bad wounds that just can’t heal.

Aloin is a compound found in Aloe that is the reason for this fast healing action as it has high levels of anti inflammatory peeling.The hydrating qualities help stop peeling of the skin due to sunburn.

#2. Moisturizer extroadinaire

Suffering from dry skin? No need to worry because the two super ingredients in the leaf take care of adding moisture and sealing it in for days. I’m talking about a simple equation of waters and sugars that increase and maintain hydration.

Read more about the science to this here.

#3. Acne Fighter

No surprise here as with all plants and herbs we find anti-inflammatory and anti microbial properties. In some more than others but in the case of Aloe it is actually it’s salicylic acid content that is the hero here. Skin care products contain this vital ingredient to rid the skin of redness and swelling and removing dead cells. Back to nature it’s more potent to use it straight from the source and may be all you need.

However, with all the goodness and aid nature can give us, it’s still wise to seek medical help if your condition is not improving.

#4. Aging Defender

So we know that it has those waters and sugars to add and keep moisture in. But did you know aloe can also start a production process in the skin that will give you more collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin?

This process will definitely turn back the clock and reduce those fine lines and wrinkles! We will take a look at an easy recipe to try at home if your keep reading on 🙂

#5. Dark spots Fades

We often find these stubborn marks on or skin appear like stains that you just can’t remove. But there is light at the end of the tunnel with something called aloesin. A study was done on treating dark spots also known as hyperpigmentation and they found that it definitely does lighten things up. Topical application regularly can stop melanin in it’s tracks and this ultimately brightens the affected areas.

#6. Eczema & Psoriasis Healer

The skin barrier is left in a damaged and vulnerable state when suffering with a dry skin condition. All that scratching and splitting of eh skin leaves it open to bacterial infections. Using aloe vera can fight this fungal nightmare and calm the flaking and irritation.

You can read further below on how some home remedies can easy your dry skin conditions.

#7. Stretchmarks Fades

Last but not least ,aloe has an amazing effect on your stretchmarks. It is like a magician literally make them disappear in weeks. When does one get these I hear you ask. It’s mostly when you start to age or lose weight or fall pregnant. Linking back to what we discovered about stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, it is apparent these play a huge role in those stretch marks vanishing. Oh and men you are not exempt from the wretched stretched so be warned!

Now that you know the 7 reasons to use the aloe plant, lets look at what types are out there.

Fresh or infused?

There is something so satisfying about harvesting and extracting your own herbal ingredients. Imagine plucking your own aloe leaf and bursting it open to release all of that magical essence!


Well, why not grow your own or pop down to your local market. The fresher the better as it will be preservative free and fragrance free, reassuring you of it’s healing goodness.

If you cannot obtain the leaf then your best option is to go with a trusted organic brand infused with as much aloe as possible to ensure you reap all it’s benefits!

Consider these tips

  • The way this gel feels on your skin is beyond cool and smooth. So a great way to use is to add it to your other skin care creams. gels and lotions.
  • You can also just apply directly on it’s own but even though it really is safe and hardly known to irritate still do a patch test first.
  • Try to stick to using externally and avoid consuming, there seems to be a hype out there about aloe juices and waters to cleanse your system but I would stay clear as no medical benefits are available.
  • If you are looking to heal your face after a day in the sun it’s the best as a face mask. Continue here for an amazing recipe I have for an aloe and kelp facemask!
  • Use as a base to make your own gel and add essential oils and hydrosol ingredients to target aches and pains by massaging into sore muscles and joints.

Final word on Aloe

Not at all the latest botanical to hit the clean skin care world and yet still trusted by millions. Out of the 7 reasons to use aloe you must have at least spotted one meant just for you. A plant that packs a punch not only to sooth but to moisturize, lighten and defend your skin against aging.

Tell me your reasons to use aloe below, I’d love to hear from you!

Love your skin naturally!

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I have been using aloe vera for a while now to keep my skin fresh and hydrated. In addition to using Aloe Vera Cream on my face, I also use Aloe Mist to Spray my body with. The best thing about aloe vera is its safe for almost everyone. Great article, and Thank you for sharing.

Hi Champ

Thanks for reading my article. The aloe mist sounds like a hydrosol or is it just an aloe infused water … I’d love to try or myself , thank you for sharing 🙂


This id such a useful blog.
Full of tips and hints for the usage of aloe vera.

I am using it for hair problems as well.
With hreat results

Is there a product or producer you can advice?
Would love to hear from you

Thank you
Keep up the good work


Hi Fleeky
Thank you so much for visiting my page and your keen interest in aloe vera:) I use it too for hair growth , it does wonders to strengthen and prevent hair loss.
For me personally I prefer buying the plant and breaking it open for the juice. You can then hit “the lab” to concoct your own tailor made remedies with oils and other herbs. The more organic the better!
Please keep in touch!

Another wow for you my friend this website of yours is fantastic. I’m learning so many things that are great for your skin that I didn’t know.
But really, I do love the fact that you care so much about this subject called skin. That I bet a conversation with you in person would last a long time.
I will definitely be reading more of how to take care of my skin. Maybe pass along some of the stuff I’ve learned here if that’s OK. Hopefully you believe in Christmas. Because I believe that what your doing here will lead you in the direction, you was always meant to move in.PS I love being a supporter for your website, its broght many new things into prospective. I hope you except my support. We all need a rock every now and then.
Have a most beautiful weekend.

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