5 Amazing Benefits of Lemongrass

You must have come across this amazing plant at some stage. Whether it was for an ingredient required in an Asian dish or as a beauty agent for hair and skin. Lemongrass can truly wear many hats from aromatherapy to insect repellent but I would like to focus on the 5 amazing benefits for your skin.

Leaves to oil

Originally rooted in tropical parts of Africa, Asia and Australia, these plants are harvested most carefully using sharp tools that will salvage the precious leaves which is bursting with the lemongrass essence. Also, a member of the citronella family boasting that fresh lemon scent. These leaves then undergo steam distillation which yields the fragrant lemongrass essential oil. The fragrance is so distinct you will recognize it in a heartbeat due to its clean, spicy citrus and ginger aroma.

Skin Care

The oil is now becoming quite popular in natural beauty treatments as it improves skin texture. Here are my 5 amazing benefits I know will certainly peak your interest in this Asian cuisine favorite.

Super Cleansing
  • Antifungal and Anti bacterial it rids the skin’s pores of clogged up dirt leaving your skin purified.
  • A great detox for your skin!
Soothes inflammation
  • If you experienced break outs and acne inflamed skin you will want to try all your options at calming and soothing your troubled zones.
  • Cool off with lemongrass after having fun in the sun.
Heal wounds
  • Speed up the healing process with its antiseptic qualities. You cannot go wrong when applying the essential oil to your skin.
  • Notice results in days and get back to being a healthy, glowing you!
  • Research shows that lemongrass essential oils helps to hunt down free radicals.
  • These are the bad for our skin and found all around us in the air and in the food we eat.
  • We need to fight these off to reduce the effects of aging and other disease.
Super Oil Buster
  • Last but definitely not least it is a natural astringent to control excess oil on the skin. You can make your own toner to do the job of ridding oil. Read my recipes further down in ” the lab”.

Get Creative

Its time to have fun so let’s get elbows deep into this lemony fresh goodness in “the lab”. You can decide if using the stalks or the oil is best but play around with combinations for your own creations:)

For the days when you need to cool off and refresh try this face mask:

Combine 2 tablespoons of fuller’s earth (multani mitti) with 3 drops of lemongrass essential oil and 1 tablespoon of aloe vera pulp or gel. Make sure its mixed up into a nice thick paste!

Apply it over your face and neck, leave it for 30 minutes until it hardens and then wash it off with water. The cooling effect of aloe vera with the soothing benefits of lemongrass will leave your face feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!


Refreshing Lemongrass Body Scrub:

Your skin cries out to be exfoliated at least every other week!

This fresh body scrub will cleanse your skin and stimulate circulation.

It’s so refreshing !

In a blender, mix 1/4 cup of your favorite carrier oil (olive, coconut, almond oil…) with 2-4 stalks of lemongrass. Pour the oil through a sieve to remover the fibers. Now, mix 1/2 cup fine sea salt into the bright, lemony oil. Scrub your skin all over, avoiding your face.

Lemongrass Steam Facial

Lemongrass is very cleansing, and will clean out your pores. Also, if you’re sick with a cold, it’s really helpful to steam it out! Starting with clean skin – prepare the steam. Slice the fresh lemongrass into a bowl and pour over hot water from the kettle. Place your head over the bowl with a towel draped over to trap in the steam. Breathe in and relax – steaming for 5 minutes.

You can also use 5 drops of essential oil to replace the stalks 🙂

Lemongrass & Witch hazel toner

You will need 1/4 cup of witch hazel + 1/2 cup rosewater + 1/4 cup distilled water + 4 drops lemongrass essential oil.

This combination will reduce redness and oiliness in a matter of days and it smells amazing:)

The best part is it wont dry out your skin and will bring it back to its natural balance!


When life hands you lemongrass….

Make lemongrass essential oil using this easy method!

Get out your mortar and pestle and start grinding 4 to 5 lemongrass stalks. Peel off the outer layer before crushing it to coarse texture. Fill a jar half-way with your go to carrier oil ( I like almond oil) and add your crushed stalks to the jar. Leave it for three days in a sunny spot and strain the oil. To get a more heady fragrance repeat the process a couple of times.

Did you know slow boiling the stalks in the oil is faster way to yield this fresh fragrance?

The final stalk

I only mentioned the top 5 amazing benefits for your skin of which being a super anti inflammatory is the most praise worthy. However, if you want to uplift your mood and sooth your soul, keep it as fragrance in your home through diffusing or aromatic spritzers ( oil drops mixed into water to keep on hand in spray bottle).

Also, great to reduce head aches if you drop a little onto a cotton ball to keep on you and sniff during the day. As with all essential oils its always wise to do the patch test and to also tweak your variations accordingly to discover your lemongrass limitations:)

Lemongrass essential oil is  easy to make and once you hit “the lab” you will discover all the lemony goodness. Try to keep your skin care as organic as possible for amazing results.


So next time you whip up a Thai dish keep the leftover lemongrass stalks for “the lab” and get your soul and body in a fresh, clean and fragrant mood. And don’t forget to let me know all about it!


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Echo website a really cool website what I really love about this website is the way You are range the images but apart from that I think your tips on keeping the skin clean and keeping your body needs and make your skin glow or real tips and I will look forward to coming to your website anytime I need any or I have any problems thanks once

Hi Charles

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your awesome feedback! Hopefully the site can help you solve any skin care woes you may be experiencing. 

I love the smell of lemongrass and never realized that it was so easy to make your own lemongrass essential oil. The benefits of lemongrass for your skin makes me realize that I should be using it all the time. I occasionally steep some lemongrass in boiling water to brew a tea and find it very soothing. 

Is lemongrass and lemon verbena the same family? Or are they completely different? Thanks for sharing.  

I’m burning lemongrass essential oil in my burner as I’m writing this 🙂

The verbena is not the same as the lemongrass as they are from different plant species its just the scent that very similar. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with brewing the tea , it is a very healthy drink.

I just love the smell of Lemon Grass, and even the leaves make your house smell so nice. However, I never realised that lemongrass could be used on the skin to improve texture and also as a toner and for detox.

I will certainly be trying out some of these recipes you have provided, as natural it seems is always best when it comes to your skin.

I will also be sniffing this oil next time I have a headache, which isn’t hard with that divine smell.

Hi Michel

I just burned some lemongrass fragrance oil last night and it also helped to keep my toilet fresh and clean by dropping a few drops into cistern. It also keeps flies and other insects at bay when they smell it. But back to skin yes it really does wonders and tightens your pores , clearing all unnecessary oil which prevents nasty breakouts.

I never knew that Lemongrass has so many benefits!

Loved reading your article about what it can be used for as I’m very much into skin care and keeping our skin as healthy as possible.

Love the fact too that you have given recipes to help the reader try out a benefit for themselves. Will definitely be trying the body scrub as I agree that our skin needs to be regenerated often.

Thanks for sharing !


So glad I could be of help and that scrub is amazing so definitely give it a try you will be refreshed 🙂

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