Africa’s Magical Marula Oil

If ever there was an African sunset in a bottle it would be found in magical marula oil. When it comes to nourishing your skin the best oils out there are usually the ones you seldom hear of.

What is Marula

The technical name for marula is Sclerocarya birrea which is a fruit tree found in the Southern part of Africa. The majestic elephants of the sub sahara have been snacking on these fruits for the centuries and are well acquainted with its magic. You can use most parts of the fruit from the nut to the shell and also the kernels.

Marula Oil

To extract the oil we can boil the nuts and cold press the seeds. The fruits can also be processed to obtain marula oil. It is so high in protein which makes it one of the most perfect skin care ingredients out there. The organic look and scent of marula oil is pale yellow with sweetish, nutty undertones.


A wide range of benefits to bank on here including the fact that it hydrates, protects and repairs the skin. Loaded with everything your skin needs such as amino acids, anti-oxidants and fatty acids it will help a variety of skin conditions but will especially help you with very dry, damaged skin.

  • Super Hydrator – This must be the top benefit of marula oil for skin. It locks in moisture and is super light and easily absorbed into the top layer where all those cracks need filling!
  • Free Radical Fighter – A great source of anti-oxidants such as vitamin E and C so marula is definitely a skin care weapon to consider when heading out into the sun and dirty air!
  • Wrinkle Buster- High in amino acids and especially an anti aging hero such as L-arginine. You have to include this wrinkle buster to smooth your skin for a more youthful glow!
  • Wound Doctor – The key here is the amazing fatty acids, specifically omega 9 which is packed with oleic acid which is awesome in reducing inflammation. Unpack the omega superstars in this article and you will see why marula is so good for hydration and healing!

The Best way to use

As there are really no nasty side effects to this African Elephant’s secret you can go ahead and use it on its own or in a serum or moisturizer. Marula can be used as a carrier oil so all this means is you can replace your normal coconut, grapeseed or argon oils with it and you can add an essential oil to it for tailored results. I would just use it as is and not try too many concoctions as its already packed with the right amount of vitamins and minerals for your skin.

The best version is always the most pure, organic you can find. Safe to use twice a day and for best results use after your bath or shower to seal in moisture while you sleep. When you up in the morning make it a routine to use just before sunscreen.

Check these magical marula products here.

If you are allergic to nuts then maybe first check in with your medical gurus for the green light.

The final say

Magical Marula Oil is loaded with anti-oxidants, amino acids and fatty acids to get your skin in super hydrated condition. You can find a wide variety of affordable natural products containing marula. The most organic of them all is always the right choice and remember to always do a patch test if you not sure.

So if you have dry and damaged skin, in need of love and attention then marula oil is nutrient rich and the best way to seal in moisture, why not give it a try?

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3 replies on “Africa’s Magical Marula Oil”

Hey thanks for this post full of useful information!

I wasn’t aware of this oil though I actually need something like this! I like the anti aging benefits, I know a few people who would love to get their hands or even know about this oil. It does look quite hard to purchase though, a little precious.

Do you know where I can purchase one?

I had never heard of Marula Oil before. No wonder, since it comes from so far away. These brainy elephants know a thing or two! 

You shared some amazing information on the various benefits of Marula Oil. I am curious that it is not more well known. In some ways, it reminds me of CBD oil, but I know they are totally different. Have you used this yourself? What was your experience with the product?

The word Magical seems to fit the description perfectly. 

Thanks for sharing.


Hi Edwin

Yes I use it often as a tissue oil blend I make with other essential oils like lavender and rose or lemongrass. It really is nourishing and goes to work on dry areas immediately.

Thanks for the valuable feedback:)

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