Buchu benefits for your skin

This miracle plant is deeply rooted in Southern Africa. It is one of the most popular medicinal herbs in Africa and was first used by the Khoi-San indigenous people of the country. Three hundred years later, it is still treating a wide variety of health conditions. Let’s zoom in on where it comes from, how Buchu is used in skin care and how it can help you.

Potent Plant

Buchu is a part of the Agathosma species which is previously known as Barosma betulia. South Africa boasts 150 of these species and buchu is one of the most renowned.

Barosma (Greek) meaning “heavy smell” and the word betulina (Latin) which means “birch-like”, a word to describe the leaves of the plant. The word “Buchu” originated from the Khoi-San people of Southern Africa to describe a plant that can be dried or powdered.

The miracle healing properties of buchu has made its way from Africa to the rest of the world because of its multi -use for many ailments and conditions.

Harvested bucchu leaves ready to heal
Harvested buchu leaves ready to heal

Healing Herb

  • Detox – It’s a brilliant way to clear your body of any impurities and bringing your pH levels in balance.
  • Anti- oxidants – Full of the vitamins A, B and E, Buchu sorts out the skin that relies on these vitamins to fight aging and repair skin cells. Bioflavonoids ( anti oxidants) naturally occurring in Buchu have greater antioxidant effects than Vitamins C, E, Selenium and Zinc, and prevent formation of oxidized cholesterol through their antioxidant effects.Bioflavonoids are naturally occurring plant compounds that give fruit, leaves and flowers their vibrant colors.
  • Ant-inflammatory – It is a great way to keep irritations and especially eczema flare -ups at bay.
  • Antibacterial – Very effective in stopping any form of fungal infection from spreading.


Normally doctors will prescribe cortisone as part of a long term eczema treatment. Buchu has been found to be one of the best natural treatments for eczema. The potent anti-inflammatory properties is ideal to treat eczema and to prevent any further fungal spread. Organic buchu oil is the key ingredient that helps to manage eczema and dry skin conditions. Very safe to use for children and babies and found to be effective even for your beloved pets. Wouldn’t you rather manage this condition chemical free and by pass the nasty side effects usually associated with cortisone?

Try these

You can take buchu as a tea and drink as a water or use the oil to add to your skin care sessions. For skin, I will recommend the oil and to mix it with a good carrier such as coconut or olive oil. It is highly potent so try to do a 1:3 ratio. It works like magic when added to aloe vera gel and heals your skin in a matter of days. Have a look at these amazing products :

  • Buchulife First Aid Gel
  • Buchulife Derm-Active cream
  • Detox Tea range
  • Pure Gold Buchu Essential Oil


Although buchu is relatively safe to use it is highly recommended not to use if you are pregnant as it can induce labor and in some cases’ miscarriage. Anybody suffering from a blood disorder should not use as it can cause excessive bleeding.

The Take Away

When it comes down to a chemical free way to treat a skin disorder such as eczema, buchu seals the deal. The most effective way to use for the skin is the organic essential oil. Buchu oil can be used to make homemade lotions, candles, soaps, body wash, face masks , tissue oils, deodorant, and so much more!

My own personal experience with this amazing herb is when I started using it on my dog’s tail. He developed eczema from a wound and it just did not clear up. Eventually I found a natural buchu and aloe spray clearing it up within a week.

So now I promote buchu to all who need to give their uncomfortable dry itchy skin some love:)

You can find powerful buchu products at your health shop or on-line. A great way to detox and to rid your body and your skin from unwanted bacteria and impurities.

Give it a try to I would love to hear all about your experience.

Love your skin, naturally!


6 replies on “Buchu benefits for your skin”

I never heard of buchu until now.  Hubby has been experiencing a strange skin rash for about 2 years now and we haven’t been able to dissolve it completely.  I’ve had him undergo a homeopathic treatment with hydrogen peroxide and it has been helping, but very slowly.  I definitely want to give buchu a try as I saw what it does for eczema.  Oh, and the tea recipe looks good too.

Please do consider this amazing , natural remedy. The tea will be beneficial for you and your husband’s entire well being but please limit to a few times a week for a start:)

I am embarrassed to admit that I live in South Africa and I haven’t even heard of Buchu. I was interested to read that it was a natural treatment for eczema, as my husband gets it regularly on his arms. I will definitely have to investigate this for him.

Does it also treat dry skin? I see you recommend you mix it with Aloe Vera, which I can imagine must be good for dry skin.

Hello Michel

The Buchu and Aloe combination is so powerful to heal all dry skin conditions. Remember to use a very small amount mixed in with other oils or fragrance free lotions. Less is more 🙂

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