What is micellar water good for?

Water is the elixir of life surely you will agree but did you know that there is a special water your skin needs in order to stay healthy and clean.

This special water is known as micellar water and there has been misconceptions about it for the longest time. It made the beauty scene thanks to our French skin care experts.

It has become so popular now in other parts of the globe for all ages and genders. Once you dive into the details you too will have a bottle stored in your beauty closet or handbag.

What is it actually ?

Think of micellar water as your go to cleanser when you need to prep your skin before an actual face wash or as an alternative to removing make-up or dirt or as a basic in between cleanser. Also effective as a toner and mild enough to use twice a day and for every skin type out there.

Consisting mainly of purified “soft” water and very tiny capsules of oil.  Such a paradox in the beauty world as oil and water actually does mix. They get along famously where the oil and water cleanses and brings their unique functions to create a more hydrating and less oily skin. Glycerin ( the tiny oils) is one of the main compounds in micellar water and benefits for your skin includes reduced inflammation and skin irritation.

Use it wisely

Before you go ahead and bath in it, here is the correct use of micellar water to ensure its benefits are fully reaped.

As a pre – cleanse :

  • If you never heard of a double cleanse before now is the time. We know that the environment and our own daily activities can cause chaos to our skin so it would make sense to start your cleansing routine with micellar water. This will lift all the surface impurities gently which will allow for a good cleanse thereafter with your normal product.
  • We all live busy lifestyles but for the sake of your skin all it takes is 5 min out of the day to make sure you double cleansed.

Removes make-up :

  • These  oil particles in micellar water makes it a quick and gentle way to remove waterproof make-up. It is so gentle and doesn’t contain any alcohol or other chemicals yet effectively removes from all areas including the eyes. No hard rubbing necessary just a few wipes and you are your natural beautiful self once more.
  • You can use it as a toner, especially if you somehow missed your regular face wash routine or ran out of your normal toner. It is so gentle to use so keep a bottle on hand for days when your skin needs a tender touch.

The in betweener :

  • Traveling, especially flying can cause stress to your skin in ways you won’t believe. I found that keeping micellar water wipes in my handbag always rescued a bad skin situation.  It would leave me looking refreshed and ready for next part of my journey.
  • Micellar  works well when you just did a workout and need to get back to the office or wherever and need to be hygienic on the run.

Reasons to use

  • There are days when you just need to get done with things and because you can travel well with it no more excuses to keep your skin clean. You don’t even need to find water if you keep a bottle or wipes of this good stuff in your bag.
  • In my bid to reduce, I found that this one bottle can do it all. So no more unnecessary products taking up space in my rooms. I can cleanse/ tone/remove make up and keep my skin hydrated with this amazing water.
  • It is so gentle and helps when my skin has its sensitive moments. The glycerin is the rock star here as it reduces inflammation and irritation.
  • Anyone can use micellar whether you have dry skin, sensitive or oily. It is so versatile that it will hydrate where necessary, trap dirt and oil. Excellent way  to prevent acne and also keep the skin balanced with no harsh chemicals.
  • Always keep the planet in your heart and mind and look at the reusable cloth pad options for your water. Try the wipes made from re purposed material and they are recyclable.


No Risks but consider this

The only thing I need to mention here is that even though it is so versatile  you should not rely solely on this one product as your only cleansing agent. A double cleansing approach is key and no matter why you may need micellar you still need to make sure that especially eye- make up is removed properly.

You should be consulting a doctor if you have any bad skin conditions. Using micellar water is not a solution to clear up your skin but rather consider it as a value add to your cleansing routine.

Final word

There is really no reason why you cannot start using this micellar stellar water ( renamed by me) today!

I’m sure I have answered the question of what is micellar water good for and just to recap :

  • It hydrates
  • It cleanses
  • It removes all sorts of stubborn make-up
  • It tones
  • It reduces inflammation and irritation
  • It is safe and convenient

Need I say more?

Go ahead and try it today. Purchase at your local health and beauty store on check on-line for stellar micellar:-)

Please drop a comment below if you love this product or if you need more convincing…

Love your skin , naturally!


4 replies on “What is micellar water good for?”

Great article detailing the uses and micellar water and how it can be used for the skin. I typically only deeply cleanse my face whenever I shower, and I like something gentle in-between my showers that is not overly drying on my skin as I have combination type skin. Typically I just rinse my face with water twice daily and apply a toner in the mornings. I will look into micellar water and see if it will work just as well. Do you recommend any particular brands that I should try?

This sounds like a great product.  I thought (as you mentioned) that oil-water cannot possibly be a “thing” but then you mentioned the glycerin it made perfect sense.  I think this would be very beneficial to my skin, being as I’m older.  I have never been much of a skincare gal and it’s beginning to show!  I’ll definitely check this out!

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