All you need to know about Neem

My first introduction to neem was when I searched for a natural shampoo for my boy. His breed has sensitive skin and looking at all the natural alternatives I found neem to be the most common ingredient. It was also used to treat your beloved pets with parasite bites.

On my natural skin care journey I then discovered it as a popular herb used for hair and skin especially in Indian medicine. I somewhat knew that this was an underrated natural product and decided to get to know neem better.


Neem Oil

The neem tree which is native to India and other tropical regions, is the source of neem oil which is extracted from its seeds. Indian immigrants’ belief in this tree has resulted in its distribution to at least 30 countries.

Did you know Neem Tree is also referred to as the village pharmacy as all parts of the tree is used in treating a variety of disorders.

Neem oil consists of so many good vitamins and minerals such as:

  • fatty acids
  • vitamin E
  • Calcium
  • antioxidants

It has anti-bacterial, anti fungal and blood purifying properties. Very useful in treating skin disorders and helps maintain a healthy, beautiful and glowing skin.



Neem oil is safe and effective to use for these reasons:

  • To treat acne – high in fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Soothe dry skin conditions – high in vitamin E, an essential for your skin’s health.
  • Stimulate collagen production – loaded with antioxidants.
  • reduce scars – thanks to calcium and the fatty acids and vitamin E
  • heal wounds – antibacterial agent along with the vitamin E & calcium.
  • minimize warts and moles- anti fungal agent comes to the rescue.

There have been scientific studies conducted to support neem use for skin care. In 2013 a study concluded that neem oil will be good in the long term treatment of acne. In 2017 a study concluded it would be good for use in treating aging symptoms.

How to use

The only way to go is organic. Neem oil has to be 100 percent pure, cold pressed to be effective. It has a very potent smell very similar to garlic or mustard and a cloudy look to it. It may seem a bit yellow don’t panic that is OK too. So it’s crucial to note that this is extremely potent and before you apply all over check a small patch on your arm for any reactions.

When you have specific problem areas such as acne or infections you can use it undiluted and dab gently with a cotton ball on those troubled spots. Leave it on for about 15 min and then rinse off with warm water. You should see results after a few weeks if you do this daily.

For all over skin care its wiser to mix it 50/50 with coconut / olive or jojoba oil. These carriers will allow easier use especially for sensitive skin. It will also diffuse the strong odor and a nice idea to perfume it up is to include a few drops of rose or lavender essential oil. The body oil can easily become your go to moisturizer and pour a few drops in the bath water for a rejuvenating soak.

You can purchase neem oil from your trusted health shop or wherever you buy health products on-line.

Take note

Like with any herbal treatment it is always wise to first test small areas slapping all over. Check it out diluted first with some carrier oils. If you are pregnant or want to treat a child with this oil rather think twice as it highly potent and check with a medical expert if you may proceed. Please don’t try to drink this or add to your food it is toxic. We did say it helps with treating dry skin disorders but if you have really severe eczema or psoriasis first do the diluted, small area, patch test!

Final on Neem

Now I have given you all you need to know about Neem. Such a wonderful skin healer that has been underrated for centuries. Be sure to find it in its most pure state and combine with carrier oils to use for all over skin care.

Boasting powerful anti fungal and anti-bacterial properties it helps problems like acne, aging and wounds. Neem is relatively inexpensive and available on-line. And as usual if you not sure about anything always consult a medical expert to guide you.

Have you tried Neem and what was your experience or will you add it to your natural skin care toolkit today ?


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9 replies on “All you need to know about Neem”

Great article about Neem. I to first found out about it being utilized in traditional Indian medicine, typically for massage or facials. I spend lots of time on those types of videos on YouTube. How easily can this herb be found in the United States, since it is typically used and found in India? I would love to use more natural herbs in my daily life, but find them hard to locate.

Hi Rachel

Luckily all we have to do is search online and can order from other countries if not available in our own. But also check your health shops they van guide you on similar products available:)

Hi Janine. Thank you for another article. To be fair I have never heard before about neem but looking on your post this is very interesting plants with lot of potential possibilities to use in home. Neem oil seems great for skin treatments and its available in lot of shops with decent price (have no idea why I didn’t spot it earlier). Looking forward to test it in practice.

I use neem oil for my edible garden (diluted and spray to leaves as pest repellant), and I am trying to learn more about it. Landing on to your post surprised me a lot! I didn’t know it can be used for human skin, too! How did you use it as a shampoo for your boy? Also, would love to see some recipe on how to dilute it for skin! 🙂 Thanks a lot, this is great info!

Cool, I am so happy to have come across this article about neem. I have heard in mentioned a few times, but this goes into more detail about it’s specific benefits and how to use it properly. Do you purchase your neem locally? Is there a good online source that you can recommend for purchasing neem that would provide high-quality products?

Hi Aly

You can visit your nearest health store or jump online. Please check in on my site over next few weeks I will add a few neem products on my page 🙂

Go well!

Hi Janine, I just read your article “All you need to know about Neem”. It was fascinating. I had never heard of Neem oil or its benefits, so I was intrigued to read your article to find out all about it. Neem oil certainly seems to have some great qualities, especially in regard to dry skin conditions, which I often have. I shall definitely check it out next time I have a need to soften or treat my dry skin. Thank you. Jenni.

Hi Jenni

Thanks for stopping by and so glad I have introduced you to Neem.

Let me know how well it makes a difference to your skin

Stay safe 🙂

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