Super Hero Clay for your skin


What is the super hero skin clay you absolutely must have? None other than Fuller’s Earth.

Known as multani mitti “mud from Multan” as it derives from the Pakistan city boasting this mineral rich clay.

Fuller’s Earth explained

We know it’s a clay but what makes it so unique? It is the high composition of aluminum magnesium silicate. This mineral is obtained naturally from silicate ores. Read more about it here.

It is refined to a powder for use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications as an absorbent, anti caking agent. It also has antacid properties and is used as a component of some over the counter antacid medications. The name derives from it’s ability to remove dirt and oil from wool and a wool refinery worker called a “fuller” would apply it to the wool.

It is more well-known in ayurvedic medicine circles as multani mitti, which I must admit is my way of referring to it.

Good for your skin

Fuller’s earth can control skin oiliness, treats acne, unblocks pores and strengthens the hair. It is also popular for it’s skin-lightening effects that reduce dark spots. Fuller’s earth can also be used as an anti-aging mask, reducing those wrinkles and fine lines.

Due to these effects, several products containing fuller’s earth, such as cosmetics, exfoliators, and cleansers, are widely available. It is suitable to use for all skin types and is in a powdered form making it easy to use at home for all sorts of DIY lab productions:-).

Purchase it from your trusted health store on go on-line fo more options here.

Reasons you should try it

  • Super Cleanser – the effective way it gets down and degreases your pores and shrinks it makes it a super hero when it comes to cleansing. It cleanses and tones all in one and this keeps acne at bay. Try this amazing natural product , Corrynne’s Fuller’s Earth Face Wash in Glass Jar
  • Exfoliator – We have to remove dead skin cells often and what better way than to turn to a useful alternative to chemically laden exfoliators, which helps remove dirt, grime, and dead cells from the face gently. Read more here for more exfoliation tips.
  • Skin lightening – you know how unsightly it is to have dark circles due to lack of sleep or sudden dark spots appearing from sun exposure. Fuller’s earth helps tighten your skin, in turn pumping up circulation under the skin. As circulation increases, oxygen levels increase, this creates the best environment for darkness to lift.
  • Ant-aging – fuller’s earth lifts the skin as it hardens, preventing the formation of fine lines.
  • Healing – the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of fuller’s earth help control the associated swelling and redness of sunburn and burns in general. It can also help clear peeling skin caused by sunburn due to it’s exfoliating properties.

Make these yourself

I get really excited when an opportunity arises to mix up my own potion and fuller’s earth, the super hero skin clay that it is, makes it so easy to combine with almost anything you can think of from oils to herbs.

Fuller’s Earth And Neem Powder Mask

This mask will deep cleanse and stop acne in it’s tracks. It is one of my all time favorites.


  • Fuller’s Earth – 1 teaspoon
  • Fresh cucumber juice – 1 teaspoon
  • Neem powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Rose water – 2 teaspoons

All these ingredients aids in purifying and unclogging pores. It fights bacteria and will prevent acne breakouts.

Put the fuller’s earth in a small mixing bowl and add neem powder to it. Pour fresh cucumber juice into it and add the rose water. Mix all the ingredients well. The consistency of the mixture will be neither too thick nor too runny. If you need to adjust the consistency, increase or decrease the quantity of rose water accordingly. Once the mask is ready, spread it all over your face and neck evenly. Wait until it dries completely. After that, wash off with tepid water. If you want to see glowing skin make sure you do this mask at least three times a week.

Read here on how mint and yogurt can be used with fuller’s earth for a refreshing and cleansing mask.


  • Use Fuller’s earth only twice a week at the most. More than this can damage the skin barrier or excessively absorb natural oils and moisture, causing excessive oil production.
  • Wash it off just before it dries or hardens, it must still feel stick. If it’s too hard it will make you itch and cause irritation.
  • For dry skin rather add an oil to the mask or even some milk or honey.
  • For sensitive skin mix it with aloe vera gel / lavender or rosewater to prevent inflammation.
  • Make sure you moisturize after using the mask.

Remember that this is a super oil absorber , any hint of moisture it will suck right up so if you don’t use it correctly it will dehydrate your skin. It is safe to use on your skin however you cannot eat or drink this clay at all, it will cause problems for your organs.

Final Word

Using fuller’s earth to create your own clay or facial masks can offer an alternative to masks that contain harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Fuller’s earth also helps shrink skin pores, remove whiteheads and blackheads, treat sunburns, boost blood circulation, even out skin tone, and cleanse the skin. Its nutrient-rich composition imparts a healthy glow to the skin. It rightly deserves the title of super hero skin clay as it has a super power of ability to absorb oil instantly, which is the root of many a problem skin. There is a wide variety available at good health stores and on-line making it easy for you to find. Just make sure you stick to a twice a week routine:-)





Have you tried Fuller’s Earth ? Was this article helpful? I’d love to hear from you my foragers!


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8 replies on “Super Hero Clay for your skin”

Wow thanks for this article! and the tips for better and healthier skin. I am definitely going to try out this Superhero clay mask. Do you know where I can buy it? I mean if there is the one which is premade. Or, the point is in making my own by myself? 

Hi Sunny

Thank you for all your feedback. You can purchase it at your local health store or pharmacy AND online. I will add more links for specific brands that have had great reviews so please bookmark the post and revisit for the links.

Very refreshing.  That’s how I felt after reading your post. It’s been long overdue for me to have a deep cleanse with a mask.  I have used clay in my hair to get rid of the build-up of products used in my hair.  Its very good.  I have never used clay on my skin. But, I think I may give it a go now after reading your article thanks. 

Hi Janine

Fuller’s Earth – that brings back memories!

Your article was a real eye opener because I only know of Fullers’ earth through serving in the Military. We were issued with it to use if we were exposed to chemical agents the battlefield. In training we would literally cover ourselves from head to toe in it!

Anyway, enough of that! I had absolutely no idea that it had every day applications or that it could even be sourced by the general public or that we could make it ourselves – you learn something new every day!

I have skin ‘challenges’, shall we say. I get dry skin and eczema and have tried quite a few things with varying degrees of success or not. I don’t like putting steroid skin on my face which is where most of my skin dryness occurs. I’ve been looking for a natural alternative but the search engines never seem to bring up Fuller’s Earth. 

I’ll definitely be giving it a try, so thank you very much for enlightening me!

Hi Richard

Well your experience with it speaks volumes!

Needless to say it is an amazing anti-bacterial agent and anti-inflammatory especially for those military exercises!

It is just all round excellent at getting rid of toxins in your skin …and its an amazing hydrator so your dry skin will be in good hands!

All the best

Hello, Janine!
I’ve never thought of being interested and surprised about the healing properties of clay… but you got my attention.
I guess I won’t try it myself but there’s always a huge possibility of “women at home” doing it!
In my opinion, it makes sense that natural elements contribute in some way to the well being of humankind, don´t you agree?!
I can assure you that when or if tested at home, I’ll give the due feedback on the results.
Thank you for sharing and keep safe!

Hello Antonio

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article. I fully agree on the natural elements comment as that is my website’s mission,  to introduce natural tools for all skin problems.

Have a great week ahead!

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