MJ’s Herbals Tattoo Aftercare Balm – Review

I present an organic balm to you, for your  fresh tattoo that is needing some love and attention.

There are so many good things  gone into the making of MJ’s Herbals Tattoo Aftercare Balm. Honestly,  you  will struggle to find another premium product at this price.

So let’s scoop up the facts while  we are busy deciding  to make that purchase.

What is it made of

All of these ingredients are certified organic , you cannot get more pure than this.

  • Calendula blossoms.
  • Oregon grape root.
  • Marshmallow root.
  •  Olive oil.
  • Unrefined propolis beeswax.
  •  Tea tree oil.

All these ingredients promote the very best in healing and nourishment for your skin. The entire production process is as unprocessed and unspoiled from start to finish.

How to apply

Which ever balm you decide to purchase the point to remember is to always listen to your tattoo artist regarding the aftercare strategies. The basics  for aftercare is to wash the tattoo gently with warm water and a mild soap making sure you have done so thoroughly. Then pat it dry with a clean towel and spread the balm lightly.


  • The best blend of herbs and oils are lovingly crafted together into this salve which is packed with anti-bacterial properties ideal for soothing and healing.
  • No animal testing.
  • Free of chemicals & parabens.
  • Contains no gluten.

Where to buy

Available from Amazon at $18.99 or visit MJHerbals for more details and  organic products.

The final verdict

As far as tattoo aftercare goes it usually needs just one thing, a kiss from nature. MJ’s Herbals have done just this and more. The balm can also be used for so many other skin ailments that need healing and soothing and 70% of users gave it 5 stars and 20% gave it 4 stars.

The rest had issues with price and packaging but in my book when it comes to handcrafted organic goodness this product delivers so overall I give it a 4 / 5.

Have you heard of this salve … will you try it today ? Let me know your thoughts below.

Real Skin Angel signing out.

Love your Skin Naturally!

6 replies on “MJ’s Herbals Tattoo Aftercare Balm – Review”

Great article, Janine!

Some of my family members have gotten tattoos and I remember it took a while for the skin to heal. I don’t think they used any skin balm like this so I wonder if that would have helped.

I’ve never gotten a tattoo myself, but I often have dry skin. Do you think this balm would help with that? Or is it mostly for tattoos? I really should get some skin balm because I just use some random lotion sitting around in my house.

Anyways, thanks for sharing!


Hi Isaac

Thank you for taking the time to read the article. If I look at the ingredients I don’t see why you cannot use it for dry skin it should be a super moisturizer and skin fixer. But also have a look at my article about tissue oil that should assist you even further,

Benefits of tissue oil

All the best!

Wow, this is an interesting and very specific product. Usually, the tattoo artist recommends Aquaphor or an unscented lotion to help soothe a fresh tattoo that is healing, but those products don’t have the extra ingredients found in the MJ Herbals tattoo aftercare balm. Anything that helps that tenderness heal up quicker and more comfortably sounds like a great idea!

Thanks Aly

The ingredients in here are super healers,  I’m glad there is such a great natural option.

Stay safe and thanks for stopping by:)

Wow. I did not know that this product exists. I was told to wash my tattoo and keep the area clean, but just like regular skin, I had incidences of dryness and a mild itch now and then. I am glad it is a product that I could use right from the start. I checked on it on Amazon and and it carries recommendations and I read all the good reviews. Thank you for the introduction. I’ll be checking it out

I’m so happy I could be helpful , this product will help you as its herbal … nature is the best doctor!

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