How does exercise help your skin

You reach a point in your life when you realize that to exercise is becoming increasingly vital in keeping your body, mind and  soul healthy. What about the benefits to your skin?

Like most things in life every action has a reaction and today we will unpack exactly how does exercise help your skin.

Get started

So we are all uniquely shaped and draped and have our limitations when it comes to exercising. I say this thinking back to how I used to moan and groan just to walk my poor boy every evening and left it to hubby who always tried to motivate me but alas too lazy! A few years on and my boy manages to walk me, sometimes twice a day. On holidays at the coast, its party time for the wolf and we keep to our routine by doing refreshing beach walks:)

The point is to start , whether it be slowly  as long as we are moving and increasing our heart rate which is increasing blood circulation. You see, the blood flow is important as it carries oxygen and all that good stuff known as nutrients to your skin cells.

Not only is it bringing vital elements to our cells it is also removing toxins and other bad stuff. Essentially , by exercising regularly  we are making sure that our blood flow is doing its job correctly and cleaning our skin from the inside.

 Stress less

Studies has shown that our hormones are the culprits here causing an overproduction of oil in our glands leading to bad skin situations like acne. Hormones also play a role making eczema worse because estrogen levels dropping will cause your skin to lose water.

Exercising will combat this and bring your body, mind and skin to balance. Next time you feel overworked or anxious or depressed, put on your running shoes and hit the road. It will put yourself and your skin in a good mood 🙂

Sweat it

Remember those toxins mentioned earlier ? Well the more you pick up the pace the more it will be flushed from your cells. If you are a gym member consider spending time in the sauna after a work out and then hop straight into a cold shower. It will improve circulation and tighten your pores keeping them healthy and germ free.

If all of this is a bit too extreme for you then a fast walk around the block that results  a light sweat regularly will also do the trick!. Oh and for heaven’s sake take the staircase 🙂

Pump those muscles

If you want a firmer, toned and healthier looking skin then work your muscles. Once again if you are a novice at the workout thing you can incorporate brisk walking or jogging for 30 min a day into your schedule. It will work most of the muscles in your body if done regularly. Increase your training time by 10 min each week doing walking and running in intervals.

The nice thing here is you don’t have to go to a gym and can perform quick 15 min sessions at home to work on legs ,arms and chest.

If you are serious about making these small changes have a look at the apps available on-line that will suit your goals.

Wrinkle free

The other effect stress has on the skin is to stop collagen in its tracks. Not good news if you are over a certain age as you need collagen to remain your firm, supple, youthful, self.  No collagen results in the hostile takeover of fine lines and wrinkles. Unless you are using supplements and serums and having bone broth for breakfast, lunch and supper, you will need the added support of exercise.

So there you have another reason folks to get moving. Let’s firm up together!


Sleeping Beauty

Exercising will improve your quality and quantity of this much-needed blessing. I don’t think we actually realize how much we need to get a good night’s sleep and if we don’t it wreaks havoc in all areas of our minds, bodies and skin!

Working up a sweat will ensure we fall asleep faster and without disturbance and this will help our skin cells repair and rejuvenate. The recommended time to exercise in the evenings is normally between 5pm and 7pm to give our bodies enough time to wind down for sleep mode.

Mindful while moving

  • Outdoors can be so refreshing while you workout but remember to always wear a waterproof sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.
  • You may want to look like a goddess while breaking a sweat but wearing makeup will only cause blocked pores and we all know what that leads to.
  • Drinking water is essential to replenish loss of fluids while exercising.
  • Make sure you shower or bath after a workout and use a mild antibacterial body wash or soap.
  • If you have eczema please moisturize all the areas prone to sweat before you workout to protect from sweat and keep cool to avoid washing after or use natural body cleansers to avoid drying out the skin with water.
  • Try not to workout too close to bedtime, your energy levels will be high resulting in difficulty in falling asleep.
  • Take a hobby like dancing if you really don’t want to do it the traditional way, you will still work up the sweat.
  • Breathe and smile

Whatever stage you are in life at this moment , it is no secret that you need to exercise to be the best version of yourself.

As you endeavor to improve the health of your skin holistically , exercise is part of your strategy on this journey. Not only will it help you physically and mentally but your skin will be gratefully glowing too!

Let me know your thoughts on how exercise can help your skin and feel free to ask any questions below:-)


Love yours skin, naturally!

6 replies on “How does exercise help your skin”

Getting exercise makes you feel good and is a great way to relieve stress and improving your circulation. This way your body can get rid of toxins, which will indeed also help your skin. 

I knew that hormones were to blame for excess oil production that could then result in acne, but I thought eczema was caused by allergic reactions and stress. Or have I got that wrong?

Hormones will make eczema worse if estrogen levels drop , this decreases the water volume in skin. You are not wrong in saying allergies and stress are causes but hormone levels also play a role.

I work out quite regularly and I am considered to be pretty fit as I am a cyclist, I knew that exercise has always been good for one’s heart and offers several great health benefits, I have never considered what this can do for my skin. However, I love the idea of toxins being flushed from my system as I sweat and for my next workout I will definitely take your advice on enjoying the sauna before I shower to improve circulation. Great article, thank you so much!

Hi Jean

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and sharing your thoughts, Im super happy you going to hit the sauna it will do wonders for your skin:)


I never really thought about exercise being good for your skin. But honestly you’ve made so many good points with this article and you really open my eyes on it. I personally love exercising but I had no idea they had such a contribution to my skin I am now more motivated to exercise on a regular basis as I have been because of this as well. I’m relatively young but I can definitely always use some a little bit less aging ha ha

Hello Misael

The younger you are the better , then it won’ be so hard and such a huge adjustment.  Baby steps, start slow with 30 min walks to get the circulation going. All the best!

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