Treating bumpy skin naturally

Bumpy skin or sometimes referred to as “chicken skin” is often experienced more in women. This bumpy skin condition is most prevalent on the back of arms and inside and back of thighs. There is no actual pain or itch associated with it just a rough textured, reddish, rash appearance that causes more of a confidence issue than anything else! I know this because I too am part chicken 🙂

Even though there is actually no cure, there are ways to treat bumpy skin naturally. But first let’s dive into what this actually is and how it occurs.


The real name of this fun condition is Keratosis Pilaris. Sometimes we see it clearing up in your late thirties, however due to hormonal fluctuations it may re-appear later in life but in general it something that occurs in teenager and young adult women who have fair skin. It is harmless and definitely not contagious, your arms and thighs only feel like sandpaper!

This genetic condition occurs when there is a build up of keratin, which is a hair protein, in the pores. So instead of a hair follicle popping out when it has grown, the blocked pores instead produce a pretty little bump clogged with keratin.

If you have any of these other conditions then you are prone to develop chicken skin:

  • eczema
  • dry skin
  • obesity
  • hay fever

Natural remedies

Exfoliate –

we all tend to overlook the importance of this step in basic skin care, for bumpy skin this is even more importance to get rid of dead skin cells. Home made remedies work wonders with sugar and argon / coconut or olive oilApple Cider Vinegar is also a brilliant natural exfoliant and if you combine it with equal part water apply to areas with a cotton pad in a dabbing motion. It has so many healing properties and will stop fungus and bacteria in its tracks. Baking soda also goes a long way to remove dead skin and worked onto skin as a paste and then soaked off your body will be renewed and glowing.

Luke Warm Bath 

its necessary to take a soak in not too hot tub of water and try using a stiff brush to remove the bumps. Don’t spend too much time in here as you will dry out your skin by removing the much-needed natural oils. Oatmeal is a great natural way to soak in a bath to restore skin’s moisture and sooth of any irritation.

Omega – 3 

This fatty acid is a SUPER hero for all kinds of diseases and conditions.

The main reason it is so effective for Keratosis Pilaris is because of its anti-inflammatory properties. You can find the best sources of omega-3 in the following super foods:

  • anchovies
  • salmon
  • sardines
  • nuts
  • flaxseed oil

You can also include omega-3 as a supplement daily to get in higher amounts. These are readily available at retail stores and on-line.

Keep Hydrated

I think by now you would have seen I recommend water without fail on my site for vital skin health. That is because I truly believe in its health benefits and especially with dry, rough skin needing extra nourishment its a remedy not to be ignored.

Drink as much as possible, try to get 2L in daily and flavor with lemon or make herbal teas.

Coconut Oil

I have mentioned it earlier for an exfoliant but its truly a natural all over moisturizer. Try to replace your normal moisturizer with coconut oil every evening for a month and your skin will be renewed and repaired while you sleep.

Olive oil

Yet another natural super oil and you probably have it in your kitchen right no! So don’t delay and use it as I mentioned earlier in this article as an exfoliant with sugar or just as replacement to your normal moisturizer. Its packed with vitamin E and will nourish all the dry bumpy problems.


The Best Vitamin to reduce bumps

Of all the vitamins for healthy skin care vitamin A is the best for treating Keratosis Pilaris.

  • It promotes natural moisturizing
  • strengthens the outer layer of the skin in firmness
  • stimulates the production of natural protein
  • helps prevent breakouts as it is an immune booster for the skin

Found in a variety of food it is really easy to consume a diet high in vitamin A :

  • eggs
  • fish
  • cod liver oil
  • salmon
  • carrots
  • tomatoes
  • sweet potatoes
  • leafy green veggies
  • plums

If you feel your diet does not give you enough A then taking a daily supplement or multivitamin is the next option.

Don’t consume too much of this vitamin as it has serious side effects that could leave your skin drier than before and other health conditions as the its stored in the liver and too much is toxic.

Always seek advice from a health care professional when you introduce a new vitamin or increase dosage to your diet.

To sum it all up

This skin condition is harmless and its genetic, it is basically a keratin build up in our pores and found mostly where new hair follicles are meant to sprout. There is no cure but various “home lab” treatments are available.

Try to stay in warm water for shorter periods but drink lots and lots of it . Stick to a good healthy diet high in vitamin A & E.

Ensure that you are well lubricated with natural healers like olive and coconut oil and they can also be used to exfoliate just add sugar!

The tighter your clothing is the more discomfort you will experience so don’t irritate your bumps and dress less stressed. Make sure you get the maximum hours of sleep for your skin to heal and sparkle. Always seek a health care professionals help when increasing vitamins to your diet or if you feel the condition is becoming worse.

Love your skin , naturally!




9 replies on “Treating bumpy skin naturally”

Hi Janine. Very interesting article. I do have problems from time to time with bumpy skin, and posts like this are extremely useful. I already try some methods (and supplements) to solve this problem but to be fair I wasn’t impressed with results. Looking forward to test your advices and recommendations, hopefully it will solve my problem for good.

I have always advocated for using natural products to treat our skin. And your post has reinforced that idea. I have discovered that Omega 3 has allowed me to continue tugging unfettered, has solved issues with circulation and inflammation, and has taken away fatigue, depression, and anxiety. I am happy and want to share these good results.

Hi Ann

Im such a huge believer in omega-3 , I also add a supplement to my diet incase I don’t get enough in my food.

Also I notice if I stop the supplements I feel more drained and emotional/ anxious

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Thank you so much for sharing this information! I have to say that my skin got worse the more I age and the bumpy skin is one of the conditions. I do not know if my skin is dry or is it that I am allergic to something or not. 

Now this explains, I do have eczema flares up from time to time. I will give the exfoliate scrub recipe a try. Thanks for sharing all the list.  

I hopeful that  the scrub will improve your skin as its chemical free and all natural 🙂

Have you maybe checked if you lack a vitamin … do you take multivitamins?

Thank you for giving us these suggestions on how to reduce bumps. I feel I’m still in that early adulthood age where I have to deal with them. So, I’ll start exfoliating, eating healthier and applying coconut oil. I know that drinking abundant water would help. I’m glad all these treatments can be home made.

Most of what we need to treat our skin can be found in our home , I call it “the lab” also known as the kitchen:)

Thank you so much for this informative article with some many solutions to skin problems, during my pregnancy, i developed bumpy skin and since delivery, I have been searching for remedies to get ride of them and is been had.

But your article have given me hopes and I will sure follow true and get them best vitamins listed here and see how it goes.

Nature always has solutions to treat skin conditions. I’m so happy I could help you find it.

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