Best natural sunburn relief

You have spent a relaxing day on the beach, frolicking in the waves, playing volleyball and taking a well-deserved snooze.

Protecting your skin was your number one priority, diligently applying that SPF 30 every hour but regrettably later that night you are swollen and in pain!

Sound all too familiar then read further as we look to nature and kiss sunburn goodbye!

What went wrong

There could be a number of sun protection protocols that were not followed through here :

  • The most common one is not choosing the correct SPF, normally you need factor 30 but the more sensitive and prone. you are to burn the higher the SPF should be, especially if you have skin like milk 🙂
  • No extra protection like an umbrella or a hat or even a beach tent could leave you exposed and completely vulnerable.
  • Going in for a swim and re-applying the SPF is such common sense yet its also a very common mistake to forget to do.
  • You just having so much fun playing sports or fell asleep and now you look like a tomato.

The long and short of the damage

Have you ever thought about the lasting effects of sun damage ?

Besides the redness, pain, blisters and in more serious cases nausea and dizziness , this radiation can also cause damage to your DNA. If you don’t protect your skin on a regular basis it can lead to skin cancer.

Overexposure can lead to premature aging as the harmful rays destroys the collagen needed to keep skin firm and supple. If you spend too much time in the sun you will see pigmentation marks and notice brown spots forming more frequently.

Nature to the rescue

So the damage is done, there is no use crying over spilled sunscreen but luckily there are solutions at hand to bring relief to this red-hot mess.


What a wonderful plant this is, you can go straight to the source and use the juice of the plant to apply directly to your skin or check at your pharmacy and grocery stores for Aloe Vera gel or related products. You will feel soothed and cooled in no time.


The tannin found in tea reduces inflammation. Gosh I can remember coming home from a sporting event when I was 10 years old and I looked like a red pepper!

My mom made some tea and I thought the tea was for her 🙂

So she took the bags and placed it on my body and on my eyes and the next day I was healed:-) You can also leave a compress in the tea and let it cool and then apply as needed.


Run a bath and scoop some oatmeal into a sock, tie a knot and let it soak in lukewarm water. Let the water cool down and relax for evening, you can also add milk to water. This breakfast bath will calm and sooth your irritated skin.

Coconut Oil

So your skin feels like its on fire and all you want to do is jump into an ice bucket but don’t! Cool your skin down a cool not cold shower and once it feels calmed down apply the coconut oil

Baking Soda

Create a paste to apply to the burnt areas or you can run a bath and soak in the soda and lukewarm water

Lavender oil

Soak in a bath of lukewarm water, this will treat the pain and discomfort and more than anything the aroma calms one’s mental state and that brings a naturally calming effect to the skin.   Read more here about soothing effects of lavender and DIY spray remedy for sunburn.


As cool as a cucumber. Create your own cucumber wash by crushing up in a blender and applying in shower then rinse.


The protein in the yogurt will create a film helping to ease the discomfort. Apply col yogurt with a clean cool cloth, if you don’t have any yogurt then milk will also do the trick

Apple Cider Vinegar

A cup added to your bath will restore the pH balance to your skin and promote much-needed healing.

Cooled Mashed potato

Yes you reading correctly 🙂 This I have personally used a few times to heal burns and I know it will work for sunburn too. The starch in the potato is the miracle worker here drawing out the heat, reducing pain and speeding up healing.

Keep hydrated

Because you are in this dried out stated your body needs water so all I can say here is drink as much water as possible and get in your 2litres!

Prevention is better than cure

To avoid relief remedies altogether it would be wise to be prepared and adequately protected.

  • If you know that you will be stepping out into the sun it will help to take vitamins C,D& E in the days prior to exposure and during. Make sure that you are covered head to toe in hats, sunglasses, long sleeves and scarf.
  • If you on the beach your best option is a beach umbrella or beach tent for maximum cover.
  • The best times to spend at the beach is between 8am and 12pm and then again from 5pm onward , at these times the UV rays is at its lowest and less dangerous.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and never underestimate the powers of water.

A lovely summer glow is without a doubt beautiful and healthy but what is the price that you have to pay for this golden tan and can you look at other ways to get a summer kissed look?

Bring on Summer!


Because it’s in our nature!

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You know it’s good to see an article like this one that actually gives us natural remedies for sunburn. I always find people talking about A bunch of chemicals to buy to treat it. But I don’t like this. I really like just to find what’s natural and what also doesn’t cost a lot, and you provide that here. Thank you for this information

Hi Misael

its so refreshing to know that all one needs is just around the corner in our own lab … the kitchen 🙂

let me know how your natural skincare is going and what works best for you?

have fun!


good morning, You have a very informative site. I am impressed with the number of natural remedies one can use to soothe the pains of sunburn. I spent my youth in Florida, and can completely agree with the pain of sunburn and the relief of different remedies for sunburn. 

You have a beautiful site, very simple, clean, crisp, and informative. thank you for sharing this information with the world.

Than you so much for your positive feedback.

I am in a sunny climate too and always weary of even being in the shade here as you can burn there too:)

Have an awesome day!

I think we have all been there. At the beaches, skin suffers more burns because there is less protection, so I believe the best way to protect yourself from the sun is with clothing. All these additional tips you mentioned here are also worth considering. Ultraviolet radiation is responsible for skin flaccidity, the formation of wrinkles, spots and eventually skin cancer.

Hey Janine,

I really love reading your posts and blogs. There are lots of golden nuggets one can draw from your posts. Oftentimes people don’t realize that being in a cool environment with your skin exposed you won’t feel as much heat. This explains how sunburns spill the milk without you even realizing it.

It’s great that you’ve discussed how aloe, tea, oatmeal, and coconut oil can be used to alleviate these devastating burns.

Thank you for sharing this post.



I like what you’re revealing here. It’s food for thought

I like sun bathing because it helps me get some vitamin D that helps boost my immune system. Actually when i’m in the sun i’m always there for about 30 minutes and make most of my body exposed to sunlight.

What do you think of my routine?

Hi Sebastian

Its great you don’t overexpose , but  are you  aware that sun damage can occur even on days when you just out walking  or driving or having a picnic and it could be overcast. It will be best to always wear UV protection / sunscreen even on cooler days.

Hi Janine this is really informative and constructive article. I’ve never know that for instance apple cider vinegar or lavender oil can help in sunburn. Thank you for sharing this information it is super to know and I’ve written down. Very good and honest information and well presented for everyone understanding. I do have a question 🤔 have you ever tried to apply baking soda?

Hi Angel

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Yes I have soaked in a bath of baking soda for burns and inflamed skin and it does work.

Are you going to give it try?

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