Good food for healthy skin

The best way to a healthy skin is through good food.

We all must have heard the following saying, “you are what you eat” and it cannot be further from the truth when it comes to our skin. The food we consume plays a huge role in the overall health of our skin, the overall health of our bodies and minds so it would make sense to start eating only good food to promote healthy skin, but what is good food you may ask?

What is good food?

Good equals healthy and healthy equals natural, whole and unprocessed. We have seen a tremendous shift in diets over the past few years towards a more plant based way of eating. The more food is consumed in its most natural raw state the healthier it is and all the vitamins and nutrients are locked in and ready to go to work in our bodies.

Variety and color and texture is important when choosing your new good food approach because the freshness and goodness must be dancing on your plate and your palate!

Plant Based Diet

To help us understand what this diet actually entails I have compiled a list of these good foods.

  • Fruits – all types especially banana, apple,strawberries, citrus.
  • Vegetables – all colors needed here such as avocados, spinach, corn, peppers. you know the drill.
  • Roots – sweet potato, beets, potatoes, carrots.
  • Whole grains – brown rice, quinoa, oats, barley and for healthy snack alternative try some popcorn as opposed to potato crisps or chips!
  • Legumes- you can have beans, lentils pulses etc. who doesn’t love beans on toast?

It’s so easy to consume these foods as juices, salads, soups, side dishes to accompany a main, a breakfast or snack.  Make this fun and try everything to see what is your favorite combinations. Your skin will thank you later.

Going Nuts

Most people avoid snacking on nuts due to high calories but if you do some research and choose the right ones you will be living a healthier , longer & wrinkle free life! Omega -3 fatty acids which is essential for fighting inflammation can be found in these good foods like almonds, walnuts and flax seed. Almonds & walnuts you can eat as a protein at meal times.

They are also great to use as substitutes for healthy snacks and cereals when mixed into yogurt or swap dairy milk for almond milk. Add them to your baking by using almond flour instead of cake flour.

Let’s dive a little deeper into how we can eat flax seed because it so powerful in removing toxins from your body and will inevitably give you healthy skin:


  • In water – add to your daily water intake.
  • Drizzle as an oil over your salads.
  • Sprinkle powdered over your cereals or yogurt.
  • Mix them into your muffin, cookies or any other batters.


The dietary recommendation made by our healthcare professionals are no more than 5 table spoons per day ( 50g) , reason being it stimulates bowel movements and if taken more than required can cause bloating, gas or abdominal pain.


For My Meat Lovers

Just when you thought you have to become vegetarian to achieve healthy skin we have good news for all carnivores.

Red Meat contains amino acids & zinc which is needed in the creation of collagen, the main component of connective tissues in the skin. It is a protein that not only strengthens your skin but hydrates and creates elasticity.

But remember people, all good things in moderation and when it comes to meat it must be lean!  We want you to eat your way to a healthy skin not to cardiac arrest. The recommendation by health care professional is 500g per week.

The Proof is in the Pudding

No I don’t have a dessert  for you to concoct and munch your way to healthy skin but guess what I do have!

Dark chocolate is best , let’s say 70% cocoa and beyond and you on your way to great skin.

Rich in powerful antioxidants and protects against sun damage by increasing blood flow to your skin. So before we get ahead of ourselves, health care professional recommend a daily intake of 60g.

There you have it. Eating your way to healthy skin is so painless and in most cases you won’t need to change your diet because all you need is already there in your fridge or pantry.

Come on guys let’s face it , maybe this was the little push you needed to start a healthier lifestyle and ditch that bag of crisps for an apple!

You are what you eat!

All the foods mentioned in this article are recommended by medical and diet experts.


Here’s to good food for healthy skin!


6 replies on “Good food for healthy skin”

being a vegan this site is very helpful to me! I agree that eating healthy is a great thing for you. And to the Going Nuts part, I agree with this too because so many nuts are with very good health benefits and I have tried them in my food and it makes whatever I made taste good! and I love using nuts in cooking things I make. 

I think meat is off for me thanks anyway. 

Hi Rebekah

Great to hear from you !

So many ways nuts improve our overall health and I too use it in its raw state I’m salads and breakfast dishes 

I thank you for response 🙂

Do you take any supplements and as a vegan could you suggest what is best especially for skin 



I was excited when I read that section about being able to eat red meat. I had read amino acids and zinc are needed in the creation of collagen. But I didn’t know I could use read meat as a source.

I will also eat meat with moderation. The goal of 500g per week is challenging but it’s better than nothing. I’ll do an effort to adapt.

Hi Abel

A good cut of steak can be just what you need so go ahead and have it once a week 🙂  Another good source is marrow bone , still the meaty flavour and loaded with all the nourishment.

Hi Janine. Thank you for this article. We are using expensive cosmetics and to often forget that simple solution may be best medicine. Good diet is most important factor which affect our health and skin condition and it was interesting to read what food is best. I knew about nuts, but red meat was completely surprising to me. Definitely will add it to my diet from time to time.

Thank you for reading 

Yes red meat has always been given a hard time but it is so vital for collagen creation and that means younger looking skin 🙂

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