Best natural skin care treatments

Most of our skincare products we have been using for years can be potentially harmful. The repercussions of using these products are far-reaching, not only on our health but on the environment too.

It’s time to start a more mindful and natural beauty routine just as women and men did centuries before us.


Hidden Toxicity

Mass produced products are pumped with tons of artificial ingredients which could cause potential damage. These synthetic components are meant to preserve and fragrance the products.

We buy them in the hopes of solving a problem area for our skin and in turn this could lead to the cause of hormonal and endocrine imbalances and in some cases worsen your skin’s condition or cause extreme counter effects.

I always say that when it’s difficult to pronounce an ingredient it’s a warning sign. Time to help your skin naturally and start the hunt for unprocessed and clean products.

The closer to nature the natural skincare treatment is the more receptive your skin will become and open to healing.

Natural Super Powers

Luckily for us if we look back over the years, natural products were scarce. But today these are now more available than ever. Natural skin care treatments help to :

  • absorb antioxidants
  • fight bacteria and inflammation
  • enhance UV resistance
  • stimulate immune system

Looking at these 4 functions above they are directly linked to fighting off cancer!


7 Best ingredients your skin needs

Coconut Oil

This super hero oil is used on skin and in food. It is number one purely because of all these healing properties namely :

  • sun protection
  • moisturizing
  • fights chronic skin disease
  • removes dead skin cells
  • antiviral
  • anti fungal

It contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties not to mention healthy fats to aid your digestive and immune function

So good to massage all over body from head to toe and to add to your food when cooking.

Tea Tree Oil

This Australian plant species hates germs and when applied with a carrier oil to the skin it will fight off inflammation and any fungal or bacterial nuisances. Use it for acne as there are no harsh side effects that normally is experienced when trying to calm those rashes. I strongly believe in this remedy and can safely say it sooths  and clears up my problem skin immediately.

Fighting properties:

  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-fungal

Packed with over 200 plant species its healing powers are aromatic reaching your skin’s pores & mucus membranes.


Use honey as pure as  as possible to completely benefit from it’s properties. It’s a nutrient rich remedy in natural skincare treatment and provides an overall boost for your skin.

Benefits include:

  • antiseptic agent which also moisturizes
  • speeds up wound healing
  • burn treatment

Treat acne by applying in pure state to the face, do not heat it in microwave or on stove but rather naturally with your hands and leave on face for 10 min then rinse off with warm water and dry gently. If you suffer from dry skin soak in this amazing product along with baking soda for 10 min and emerge soft and silky.

 Lemon Essential Oil

So versatile & easy to use this super hero combined with jojoba oil can treat acne, uneven skin tone, and anti aging.


  • toner to rid bacteria under pores
  • reduce scars & age spots
  • wrinkle fighter

You can be adventurous and add to your daily body cream or tissue oil to work away cellulite.

Aloe Vera 

For centuries Aloe Vera has been associated with healing burns and skin diseases. In traditional Chinese medicine it is used to treat fungal diseases. So how can Dr Aloe help you?

Benefits :

  • burns
  • psoriasis
  • cold sores
  • frostbite

Because it is loaded with anti inflammatory properties , vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and enzymes it will make natural sense to take it orally, to heal a wide number of ailments and used to reduce the size of tumors, parasites in liver, spleen and bone marrow.

Argan Oil

A Morroccan Super Hero rich in vitamins  A , E & Omega-6 fatty acid and not to mention a number of antioxidants.

Best used for:

  • acne
  • bites
  • eczema

Also, associated with boosting you hair with healthy shine.

Castor Oil

This is a “drying oil” which hardens after being exposed after a period to air. With that being said it is still an essential ingredient for your best natural skin care remedies. Only need a teaspoon mixed with 1/4 cup of coconut or olive oil.

Super Hero Powers:
  • antioxidants to combat signs of aging – yes wrinkles!
  • antibacterial to fight acne
  • anti-inflammatory o swelling & puffiness
  • moisturizes dry skin and lips

Castor oil is filled with healthy fatty acids which are vital for the health of your skin.

Other tips for best natural skincare treatment

It’s important to mention that we are not limited to the above super heroes, however you an excellent start to treat certain conditions quickly and effectively. There are also a few more worth mentioning that promoted good skin health.


This is “good bacteria” improves your immunity & hormones from being attacked by the bad bacteria and we know that when these toxins develop the results can be seen on your skin!

You can get your fill by eating yoghurt as often as possible.

 Omega – 3

Take Cod Liver Oil as this is also great source of vitamins A, D & K which the skin craves and it will keep you younger looking too!

Water ,Water ,Water

Such a cliche but so overlooked , we need at least 8 glasses daily to flush out toxins, to keep skin hydrated and young !

In the end

Your skin is the largest organ of the body needing oxygen and nutrients for cells and eliminating toxins, it would only make sense to treat it in the best way possible through nature.

You need to apply the same principles for healthy skin as you apply for a healthy diet. Search for unprocessed ingredients free of chemicals and other artificial things.

A holistic approach to skin health will ensure not only your skin improves but your overall well-being too.

If you are in doubt when it comes to using essential oils it would be best to consult your healthcare professional. Read more here about including essential oils to form part of your best natural skin care treatment. 

Here’s to amazing , healthy , glowing skin!







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I know that in today’s world men or look down upon for looking into skin care as if they were women. I wish this wasn’t the case because I personally really find value from skin care. And I need it because my skin is very sensitive. I really appreciate articles like this that give valuable information On skin products and skin care. You’ve gone above and beyond with his information

Thank you Misael

Im delighted that my posts are helpful and you can try  mother nature instead of harsh chemical most products contain these days! Especially for your sensitive skin please go all natural and you will not look back:)

Go well


Glad to find this article. My skin is very sensitive and get marks easily. I even had a skin cancer thanks to the sun. Luckily was early stages and was one cut.  After the cut I made use of Aloe oil to make the mark lighter. Glad you covered all other remedies that can also help with any skin problems. Which item would be best for burnt marks? Thank you for your informative article.

Hi Bernard

We  are truly blessed to have so  many natural remedies at our disposal. Honey can speed up the healing process where needed when it comes to burns. Any products containing pure honey and organic honey its raw state can be applied directly to your skin. 

All the best 

I just absolutely love and enjoyed the read me being a welder most of my life have used my share of ALOE VERA and my brother was a bad alcoholic and didn’t even have a lining in his stomach he stayed miserable until he found some pasteurized ALOE VERA that he would take like a tablespoon full said it made his stomach feel normal.

I truly didn’t even give it thought that honey would be good for the skin I new it was good for alergies if it’s from the area you’re in, limons lemones are good for you no matter what just over run with Vitamin C along with a battery of other vitamins but didn’t think about LIMONE OIL? Cool, I can see the positive.

I belive you topic is probably one of the most important topic of all because there a hole battery of things we pass through our skin and the healthier our skin is the healthier we will be .

Thank You 

Bill Wtight 


Hi Bill 

It really is a wise to invest in one’s skin and it is so easy and affordable as nature presents us with so many solutions. Let me know how the lemon oil looks after you 🙂

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