Best Men’s skin care routine

Very often when I speak to my male family or friends about skin care I receive varying responses, some shocking and others pleasantly unexpected. In this day and age it would be strange to assume men care less about their skin. I feel it’s quite the contrary.

As men age they become more in touch with grooming and fighting the effects of aging. But it’s all about the basics or baseline of a skin care routine whether you a man or a woman you need to cleanse, tone and moisturize!

So I have decided to dive into the best men’s skin care routines out there that are helping our boys out shine us !

Know your skin type

Gone are the days of just washing your face and body with warm water and then expecting copious amounts of petroleum jelly will do the trick 🙂 These days you need to check your skin’s condition so that you apply the appropriate skin care routine and products. This is important guys because you could be using a product that is drying out your skin causing oiliness or irritation, there are also some products out there that despite their claims to fight aging it does the exact opposite and speeds the process up due to chemical overload!

But you can breathe, I have your back and will go deeper into what you should be doing and using for your skin type

Dry & Oily skin hacks

Dry Dan 

  • Water – daily intake is the key here, try to drink that 8 glasses but also  try to drink it on it’s own and not with your favorite alcohol.
  • Omega-3 – try to supplement your diet with capsules or eat as many salmon/ sardines/ walnuts/flax seed, this fatty acid is great for skin’s lubrication and it keeps its elasticity.
  • Reduce Alcohol – yep I know tough news to hear but trust me no amount of water will save you if you don’t slow down on those boys nights out
  • Reduce long hot showers – I’ve already taken away one guilty pleasure now I’m on to the next ! So the thing is that hot water is stripping your skin of it’s natural oils and this will leave it in an irritated, dry, itchy state. If cooler water is not your thing try to shorten those showers.
  • Night repair – our skin is rebuilding and replenishing it’s cells at night and it will help to apply a product that will aid this process.
  • Skin Conditioner – this is a tip that improves your skin with regular use, like your hair needs to be conditioned so does your skin and all it takes is a good body conditioner to use after showering and then leave on for 5 min before rinsing off with lukewarm  water, no hassles here because you can brush your teeth or shave in between apply and rinse.


Oily Olly

  • Cleanse twice – men have oilier skin than women because of the androgen content in the hormones, this is also why pubescent boys tend to suffer from acne more than girls. To make sure your pores are not blocked and rid of all oil and bacteria it is recommended to wash your face mornings & evenings.
  • Exfoliate – try to do this at least once a week, your dead skin cells need to be moved along and will need some help with a product specially formulated for men, so please stay out of your partner’s toiletry cupboard.  Read more about exfoliation here and try these tips and recipes courtesy ” the lab” you will love the results.
  • Tone – so many men I spoke to skip this step after cleansing but it is vital to balance your pH levels remove build up. Toners help to unblock & tighten pores to prevent an overload of oil.
  • Moisturize – so easy to avoid because you feel you have enough shine already! But don’t shy away from moisturizing, make it a part of your skin care routine twice a day. Try an oil free product that will act as a barrier to keep bacteria at bay.
  • Masks time to step up your skin care routine , don’t knock it till you’ve tried it guys because the after effects are well worth it. Masks are generally used to lift all that dirt and oil off that your cleanser and toners somehow missed, a clay and charcoal mask is always a winner.

The Best vitamins for skin

There are 4 main super heroes here and they are you healthy skin agents. You can decide to take them as a supplement or it can be found in your favorite foods. Achieving healthy skin starts with your looking after your body’s overall health and leaning on the vitamins and minerals your body needs.


  • Vitamin D
    • If you live in the southern hemisphere perfect, however getting enough sunlight is not always possible and we know direct sun exposure could lead to skin cancer so as food and vitamins are our best option. Foods like salmon/ egg yolk/cereals/yogurt and orange juice is the step in the right direction to healthy skin.
  • Vitamin C
    • This super hero fights aging as it helps produce collagen and is a powerful anti oxidant. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps to heal damaged skin. Eat the following to ensure you get enough ( 1000mg) daily: broccoli/spinach/orange juice /berries & beetroot.
  • Vitamin E
    • Your skin’s pores actually produce this vitamin through sebum, the oil produced by sebaceous gland. But it’s a balancing act to keep the right levels so we need to make sure we have enough to fight inflammation and harmful UV light from the sun. It’s easy to take as a supplement of 15mg a day which is the requirement but you can increase it through eating : almonds/hazelnuts/ sunflower seeds
  • Vitamin K
    • An important agent to help the body blood clotting process and this speeds up wound healing and bruising. If you suffer from those dark circles under eyes this is the super hero to turn. Go green and find this vitamin in cabbage/kale/ spinach/lettuce/green beans. Supplements are also readily available over the counter or on-line.

Do you need more tips?

  • Get plenty of exercise – the more you sweat the better it is for your skin as all those impurities are working it’s ways out of your pores and the health benefit of increasing your heart rate will leave all your organs functioning properly and that includes  the largest one of all, your skin.
  • Get plenty of rest – yes it’s hard there is so much stuff you need to do during the day but leave it to the day and get that much-needed rest at night as your skin too needs stuff to do like healing and repairing. Men also need their beauty sleep!.
  • Get plenty of healthy food – put down that bag of crisps and start eating more fruit and vegetables. I’m not saying become a vegan overnight but make small changes to your meals every day that will kick off a trend to healthier new you.

Lets summarize

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and just like all the other organs it needs enough nourishment.

Men today are actively searching for ways to improve their skin’s health in a fuss free skin care routine that isn’t time-consuming or expensive. Paying attention to your lifestyle and dietary habits will go a long way to better skin. Sometimes you need a little help from nature and for other times there are supplements to enhance the process. Either way you will be one step in the right direction on finding your best skin care routine.

Enjoy the journey !


Because it’s in our nature!

2 replies on “Best Men’s skin care routine”

Thank you for the helpful advice you have offered here to help men with their skin care.  The point about Omega 3 is a great one.  I take spirulina regularly and that contains good quantities of Omega 3.  But your point about alcohol is spot on, after drinking  too much, it really impacts on your skin, in my case, making it drier.  I love the list of vitamin suggestions as well as the other tips, rest, exercise and good sleep.  I fully concur. I would add to your excellent suggestions, drinking plenty of good pure water.

Great stuff Trevor 

So glad I could be of help and I totally agree that drinking plenty of purified water is key for overall good health !

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