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yOU ARE ON THE PATH to loving your skin naturally!


As a teenager I had oily skin and this resulted in regular acne breakouts. It became quite daunting and covering up with loads of make up just made it worse. To escalate matters I also have a  really fair skin tone and the sun just loves me!

Not the best of times, however I journeyed on discovering solutions to combat these challenges. Since then I have directed my energy at researching ways to improve the condition of my skin with natural resources.

Through all my findings it became apparent that the formula for a  healthy glowing skin has to be a holistic one.

Love your skin

Your skin is for life and the sooner you start to love and care for it the longer it will love and care for you.  Having knowledge of what nature has to offer can be empowering and it will help you achieve healthy, glowing skin from head to toe!

Back 2 Nature

Starting a skin care routine tailored to your specific skin type is not rocket science and this is why I created this site. We can easily become enchanted with products and potions riddled with chemicals  when all we need can be found in nature.

Embarking on this mission to love my skin , these 3 guiding lights keep me on the right path:

  • Clean
  • Simple
  • Sustainable

Explore the site to find your best suited natural toolkit. There is something for every age & shade. Try them all , create your own magic in the lab or find your perfect natural brand on-line. There are so many amazing organic & clean skin care companies out there you will be surprised.

The time is now to invest in your skin  holistically , you have nothing to lose. With nature in your corner you will always win!

Journey with me and let’s discover the power of nature together.


Love your skin … naturally!

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